Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Car Insurance in Charleston, SC

Driving a car is a great responsibility both personally and legally. In the state of South Carolina, having the minimum amount of car insurance coverage is mandatory. There are many instances, however, where the minimum is not enough to fully insure you against all that can go wrong.

It can sometimes be overwhelming to find an insurance company that fits your budget, while at the same time, offers you the coverage that will not leave you legally vulnerable if you are in an accident.

Helping You Get

The right policy

Unlike other car insurance brokers, we are not just trying to find you the cheapest deal. Of course, the cost is always going to be important, but so too is the quality of the coverage you pay for. We deal with only those insurance companies that have a proven track record for excellence. We sit down with each customer to discuss their individual needs. That way, we can find the right company and policy to ensure that you are completely covered for whatever could potentially go wrong.

Giving You the Highest

Quality Service

Our goal

Our goal, as an insurance broker, is not to have as many clients as possible. It is to provide the highest-quality customer service to the individuals that we serve. We purposely only take as many clients as we can give our undivided attention to so that we are here when you need us most.

Our mission

Our mission is not only to find you the coverage you need; but to be here when you have questions, concerns, or problems—not just nine to five, but when you need them answered. That is an exceedingly rare thing in the insurance industry and something we pride ourselves on doing for everyone who puts their trust in our insurance agency.